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Mole Removal

Experienced Mole Removal Surgeon – Dr. Nelson Sucgang

Esteem is proud to have the fully qualified and highly regarded Skin Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Nelson Sucgang as part of our experienced surgery team. With over 20 years experience in the field of medicine, Dr. Nelson completed a Doctorate in Medicine and a Diplomate with the Skin Cancer College Australasia. His experience also extends to various medical treatments and surgical skills.

Dr. Nelson’s experience has led to a passion for cosmetic dermatology, particularly in the removal of unwanted growths on the skin. He is dedicated to giving his patients the best possible results, taking the time to talk to each client about the outcomes expected from different treatment methods.

As at all Esteem Medi Spa clinics, Dr .Terrence Scamp’s Total Facial Rejuvenation technique is used at the beginning of every consultation. This allows Dr. Nelson to assess the patients face as a whole, not a series of problem areas, to ensure the most natural-looking result is achieved. Furthermore, in the consultation, each client is encouraged to ask any questions they may have, to ensure that they are completely comfortable with a procedure before going forward.

Mole Removal at Esteem

Through Esteem, Dr. Nelson has access to the highest quality materials, to ensure the best possible surgical result during and after procedures. Dr Nelson practices at both our Coolangatta and Gold Coast clinics, and uses both Cryotherapy and Radio Frequency for mole and unwanted growth removal.

  • Cryotherapy – The process of removing skin lesions by freezing them, usually with liquid nitrogen.
  • Radio Frequency – Using high frequency radio waves to produce a localised reaction to gently debulk the tissue.

Dr. Nelson is also available for facial rejuvenation treatments, cosmetic injectables, skin checks, and the removal of cancers. Consultations with Dr. Nelson are $50, so book in for yours today.



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