Breast Reduction Gold Coast & Brisbane

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions increase your overall look by making your breasts more even to the rest of your body. Saggy, large breasts often conflict with normal physical activities. Symptoms like postural problems, back pain, deformities of the shoulders and back, breast pain all persist. In addition, to lessening physical symptoms, it also enhances the shape of nipple and breasts.

The Breast Reduction Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and can be done as a day patient or during a hospital stay. During the surgery, extra skin and breast tissue are removed, your nipples and areolae are moved, and your remaining breast tissue is revived.

After surgery, your breast will be wrapped in a dressing. Loss of nipple or breast sensation can occur, but it usually doesn’t last long. Within two weeks you should be able to return back to work.

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