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Male Face Lift

For many men the aspect of aging they dislike the most is the “turkey neck”. Male face and neck lift is designed to recontour the jaw-line and neck and to soften the appearance of jowl. It can be combined with other procedures to elsewhere in the face to achieve a natural and harmonious rejuvenation.

Male face and neck lift is usually done under a general anaesthetic as an inpatient as a one night stay. This allows a smooth and gentle recovery from the operation and reduces the risk of complications. Once asleep for the operation, long-acting anaesthetic injections are placed throughout the face. These make the tissues there numb for twelve hours so little discomfort is felt upon waking after surgery. A feeling of tension across the jaw-line and in the temples can be expected.

A large bandage is applied at the termination of the surgery, but this is removed the next day. Then the hair is washed and the drains come out and discharge to rest at home is usually possible.

Sutures are usually out by day six, but plan to be out of action for ten to fourteen days. This is because almost invariably some bruising will result from the surgery and given that men are usually wishing to preserve privacy with regards to cosmetic procedures, it wise to plan to “disappear” for about ten days after surgery.

Male face and neck lift requires specific adjustments to technique with regards to placement of incision and consideration of the beard skin. The skin may feel numb for some months after surgery so shaving with an electric razor is prudent. Allowing the hair to grow a little longer in the temples and behind the ears prior to surgery can help to camouflage the scars there while they first settle in.
Face lift is a fairly broad term and what is actually done at the operation varies from person to person. The aim of surgery is to tailor a specific plan focused on improving the aspects of the aging face which cause most concern whilst keeping a natural harmonious balance with the rest of the face. Scars are genuinely placed in the hair and closely above the ears, but also commonly in the crease below the chin particularly where the neck needs a strong improvement.

It is rare to be able to successfully perform a neck lift as an isolated procedure. Usually when there is significant redundant skin below the jaw-line there is jowl laxity as well and these tissues are all relocated in unison to their original position. An isolated neck lift procedure may not effectively deal with the redundancy of the skin and may cause an unnatural result.

Like any surgery male face and neck lift has specific risks and a careful history is taken with subsequent advice on how to minimize bleeding, bruising, the risk of infection and how to expedite healing. Generally speaking for most cosmetic procedures the risk profile is particularly good and a rapid smooth recovery can be anticipated.



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