Male Liposuction Gold Coast & Brisbane

Male Liposuction

Men most commonly accumulate unwanted fat in the abdomen or the flanks (“love handles”). Where the fat lies just below the skin it can be re-contoured by means of liposuction.

Liposuction is usually performed under a general anaesthetic for comfort. The area is infiltrated with large amounts of fluid which contains local anaesthetic and a medication to reduce bruising. Small incisions are made (2 to 3mm) and the fat deposits are reduced in a honeycomb fashion. Thereafter a garment is worn to encourage the over lying skin to shrink and recontour to the new shape. This is usually required for about six weeks.

After the liposuction bruising may persist for two to three weeks and there may be an altered sensation for some months. Return to normal activity can be done in quite short time although the garments worn can be uncomfortable in warmer months.

An initial change after the operation will be seen but the final result of liposuction may take six to twelve months to appear. The standard of the final result is mostly determined by the skin’s capacity to shrink. If the skin does not shrink well, uneven contour with dimpling or pitting may result. This is mostly avoided when the liposuction is done in a moderate way, rather than trying to remove vast amounts of fat.

Liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure. It is an operation to contour a region in the body.
Where body weight is excessive the amount of improvement you can obtain with liposuction is very limited and the improvement is likely to be temporary. Whilst the fat cells that are removed in this procedure can never return, the remaining fat cells in the area are quite capable of enlarging and therefore it is possible that the original bulge can return.

Liposuction is best done on people in a normal body weight range where the aim is simply to improve the contour of a region on the body. Trying to remove excessive amounts of fat can result in depressions and deformities and looseness of the skin which can look unattractive.

The best result from liposuction is likely to be obtained when you are as close as possible to your ideal weight. In this situation less fat has to be removed to achieve a good contour and the skin is easily able to shrink and fit the new contour.

Less satisfactory results are likely to be obtained when there is a large amount of fat to be removed or when skin tone is poor.

You will require careful assessment by your plastic surgeon to decide on whether or not liposuction is appropriate for you and what the likely outcome will be.



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