Laser Rejuvenation Gold Coast & Brisbane

Laser Rejuvenation 

Here on the Gold Coast, laser rejuvenation is a popular request among those who want to fight the signs of ageing, as well as enhance and improve their appearance.

Basically, laser rejuvenation involves the removal of the outer layer of the skin, where much of the damage caused by skin is harboured. In addition a controlled amount of heat is sent into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate cells there to lay down new collagen and improve the texture of the skin.

Laser rejuvenation is good for improving lines and wrinkles, especially the finer lines that are not related to facial expressions. It can also be used for acne scarring and to remove in one step many of the signs of photo-ageing, such as rough spots and scaliness of the skin. At the same time, many of the brown discolourations of the skin will disappear with this procedure as well.

Laser rejuvenation can be by means of a laser micro peel done in the office under local anaesthesia, or a more intense resurfacing done in the operating theatre under general anaesthesia. Which is best for you will depend on your available recovery time and the severity of the changes to your skin.

In general, healing from laser rejuvenation takes approximately a week. There will be some persistent redness after this time, which can be hidden with makeup.

At Esteem Medi Spa in the Gold Coast, we guarantee that your laser rejuvenation experience will be nothing less than 5-star. We are committed to only employing the latest scientific therapies and laser rejuvenation techniques, and are passionate about real people achieving results. Want to know more? Contact us at our Gold Coast medi spa today; we look forward to speaking with you!



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